Clear's Tai Chi
Intro to Energy Healing
Using Qigong for Health and Healing
From: Sigung Richard Clear
It's not too hard to prove that your mind can have a strong influence on your body.
Most people these days have at least some belief in that- and there's science to back it.
But the room gets a lot more quiet when you claim you can influence others with it.
It starts to sound like magic. 
Half the room rolls their eyes,
while the other half makes cross marks with their fingers.
But I Don't Think It's Magic
And I don't think it's woo, either.
I think there's something a whole lot more mundane going on- 
we just can't explain it yet.
And while some people spend their whole lifetimes trying to "find chi" for western classification, I've spent my time learning to use it.
I don't care what it is- I care about what I can do with it.
Physician Heal Thyself
Chinese medicine tries to come from the approach that doctors are not HEALERS- 
The role of the doctor is to help the body heal itself.
And it's hard to do that if you're not keeping healthy practices yourself.
Energy healing is not like Jesus laying his hands on a leper- and he's miraculously healed.
If your arm is broken, you're going to need to go to a doctor to get it set.
But you CAN help with the pain.
Pain Relief is the Tip of the Iceberg
Through these healing practices- you can reduce pain, swelling, stiffness,
and a whole host of other garbage that comes with injury.
And if you can get rid of all of the little problems your body has to deal with-
You'll find that your body will heal MUCH faster.
And if you work the material the way I show you to,
You can help others heal themselves too.
Intro to Energy Healing DVD
Intro to Energy Healing
Intro to Energy Healing
This program will teach you the basics of my Qigong Healing program.
  •  Feel The Energy: Learn to work with your energy by FEEL, and KNOW when it's working or not.
  •  5 Healing Methods: Easy to learn methods you can add to your everyday life.
  •  Rejuvinate Your Youth & Vitality: Fight off sluggishness, and feel awake and alert throughout the day.
Intro to Energy Healing DVD
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Clear's Tai Chi
Introduction to Energy Healing
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